Post Tension Design

30 Hours


USING RAM Concept 

Course Outlines

Introduction to Prestressing Concrete

• Why Prestressing?

• What is Prestressing?

• Principle of Prestressing.

• Prestressing Techniques.

Post Tensioning System

• Advantage of Post Tensioning.

• Components of Post Tensioning.

• Construction Sequence.

• Cast in Situ Vs. Prestressing.

• Post Tension application

Post Tension Design

• Design of PT vs. RC.

• Basic Theory and load balancing.

• PT design steps.

• Hand calculation for typical flat slab design

Using RAM Concept software.

• Introduction.

• Looking at the workspace and understanding the layers.

• Using a CAD drawings.

• Defining the structures.

• Generating the mesh.

• Drawing loads.

• Defining design strips and sections.

• Defining punching shear check.

• Defining tendons.

• Drawing reinforcement bars.

• Calculating, viewing and plotting results.

• Using the report viewer.

• Using the estimates.

• Printing report.