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Course Outlines

1. Introduction:

1.1 Understanding design methodology (schematic design, design development and detailed design).

1.2 Introduction to structural systems (vertical and horizontal).

1.3 Structural analysis and design software.


2.1 Why ETABS?

2.2 How ETABS works?

2.3 Modeling

   - Understanding project and example parameters.

   - Defining materials.

   - Defining structural elements.

   - Set grid system and story data.

   - Using drawing tools.

2.4 Loads

      - Determine (manually) gravity loads (dead, live and snow loads).

      - Defining and assigning gravity loads (dead, live and snow loads).

      - Detailed introduction to lateral loads on buildings (wind and earthquake loads).

      - Understanding all lateral loads parameters.

      - Defining lateral loads.

      - Defining and assigning lateral earth pressure.

2.5 Making model ready to run (restrains, diaphragms, meshing... etc.).

2.6 Displaying results (moment, shear force, axial load... etc.).

2.7 Detailed design of members (beams, columns and shear walls).

2.8 Extra ETABS techniques (importing from cad file, drawing curve lines, Exporting slabs to safe file, design of staircase, design frames and simple elements… etc.).

3. SAFE:

3.1 Why SAFE?

3.2 How SAFE works

3.3 Slabs.

  - Importing different types of slabs from ETABS.

  - Troubleshooting model (Definition of materials, sections and openings).

  - Defining cracking analysis cases and options for long term deflection use.

  - Displaying results (Moment, one-way shear, two-way shear, deflection...etc).

  - Detailed design of slabs (ribbed slab, waffle slab, flat slab and solid slab).

3.4 Foundation

  - Importing reactions from ETABS.

  - Define and draw common types of foundation (Isolated, combined, wall footing and raft).

  - Sizing all types of footing.

  - Displaying results (moment, one-way shear, two-way shear, soil stress ...etc.)

  - Design of footing (isolated, combined, wall footing and raft).


4.1 Understanding how to merge use of the above-mentioned software in one project.